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Pizza Passion

It's cliche when a family run business tells you it's in our DNA but spoiler alert, we're not Italian! Our passion for pizza comes from a love of food and the ability it has to craft memories when shared. There is no greater food than pizza to showcase this and our owner spent his adult life learning about it because where he comes from, there was nothing like it on the menu.

After coming to America, he took that passion to culinary school and realized his love to bring people together through food by managing the food service operations for an aging health care community...then going on to open two restaurants, one in Downtown and the other in Franklin, serving his native, authentic foods.

As opportunity knocks when you least expect it, a customer recruited him to join a frozen pizza company and his passion and dreams started to intersect. (Not to mention meeting his wife along the way!) During this time he also earned his AVPN certification; an internal Italian board who recognizes the study of making authentic Napolitana pizza, exactly the way it is intended. All the way down to the yeast that is acceptable to use in the dough! He joins an elite 97 total members across the Americas.

What followed a handful of years later, ownership of Riverfront Pizzeria, bringing a lifelong dream to focus.