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From St Pat's until Sunday the 21st, we'll be up to something!

Stop by for an Irish Kick in the Pants cocktail or a Reuben Pizza

River Rewards

Don’t forget to come in and spend your $10 River Rewards now through April.

Your Safety

Your safety and that of our team is the highest priority. We are ensuring tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized after each visitor spends time with us, including the bar. Menus are wiped down and utensils individually wrapped with condiments by request only. Hand sanitizer is available at our entryways and in accordance with state and city guidelines, all patrons and staff must be wearing a mask if not actively eating. Our tables are appropriately spaced apart, providing better ventilation. We have maintained an A+ rating by the city health department since we opened thirteen years ago and our safety plan was approved by the city, acknowledging we have established safe capacity limits.